Want to work in SEO? Need SEO job?

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Global skills

  • Marketing knowlegdes: identify, understand and predicte user's needs (=keywords they use)
  • Communication abilities
  • Project management
  • Team management
  • Business Analytics

Specific SEO skills

  • Semantic
  • Search engines
  • Website publishing: localize (URL), transfert (HTTP) and format (HTML) relevant contents
  • Contents publishing: identify, organize and write contents according to user's needs
  • Link Building

SEO related skills

  • Web Analytics: understand user's behaviors on a website but also on their searching experiences
  • SEA
  • SMO
  • Programming languages
  • Webdesign

Examples of SEO jobs

  • E-marketing specialister
  • junior/senior SEO Consultant
  • SEO Project Manager
  • LinkBuilder
  • Web developer
  • Web analyst
  • Webmaster
  • SEO Sales Consultant